Vanity's Truth

Vanity’s Truth is a lifestyle brand and movement created by sisters, Kandice and Krystal McLeod.


The two conceptualized Vanity’s Truth in 2013, in anticipation of a mass shift in consciousness that would take place where everyday women and men would seek to realign with Self through healing, inner work, free expressions of their spirituality, holistic medicine, healthy eating, various art forms - and community.


Seven years later, in 2020 - not only was the shift widely apparent - but so was the call for VT to fully launch.


Vanity’s Truth embodies and supports the ascension and spiritual wellness of individuals at all stages of their journey.


We achieve this by curating soulful spaces, content, products, and experiences. 


Our content ranges from creative visuals to important conversations and writings on healing, inner work, family wounds, love, and relationships, “divine femininity and masculinity,” spirituality, etc. 


Our soulful spaces and experiences are curated with the intention of allowing people to feel divinely connected, unapologetically themselves - and for us to heal collectively.


Our products are organic, vegan, ethically sourced, and made - and meant to support internal and external wellness.


In addition to those aspects of our brand, we offer individualized support for those looking for assistance with: 


  • Tapping into their own power;

  • activating their Divine Feminine energy (and reconnecting with one’s sensual essence);

  •  incorporating herbs to assist with specific bodily issues or for detox purposes;

  • alternative solutions to managing depression and anxiety;

  • practical rituals for spiritual maintenance; or

  • adopting a plant-based lifestyle.


Though our work seeks to inspire and support both women and men, as women ourselves, we embody the healing journey of the Divine Feminine - and we create, teach, and nurture through that lens.