S Carter, New York

Gi Gi, New York

Vanity's Truth provides an experience that I would recommend for all women who need empowerment and healing in their life. Krystal and Kandice strive to curate the best experiences to benefit the mind, body and soul in more ways than one. I attended January's sacred cleansing and it was such an amazing experience. This was my first time attending an event like their spiritual cleansing and let me tell you, they helped me do just that. They helped me understand what I need to let go of that may prohibit the growth I want for myself and also made me feel comfortable enough to express how I felt amongst other strong and beautiful women. I'm thankful for them for bringing together all these amazing women because we were able to bond so much even though we've all only known one another for about two hours. I can't wait to see what Vanity's Truth has in store for the future!

Saidat, New York

Vanity's Truth has created a safe space for Black women; a space to be vulnerable, uplift one another and to just be. With 2020 being such a tumultuous year, I entered the Soft Launch with a heavy heart and clouded mind. I left the experience feeling lighter and enlightened. I also had a great time at the Sacred Cleansing. From the event I was able to realize the lessons from 2020 that I can turn into motivation to make 2021 a better year.

S Carter, New York

VT events and communications are a great opportunity for beginners to open their eyes to a new dimension of of spirituality, healing, and wellness. VT is also wonderful for place for those already along their own path to commune with others and seek growth in their own walk and as a collective. I loved that my first VT event was a safe place for sharing what was on our heart. I recommend everyone explore Vanity’s Truth and follow them on Instagram, you might be surprised what you discover. <3

Shaun, Florida

VT has so much knowledge about holistic wellness and organic health, I’m continually learning new ways to things in nature. I can’t wait to try VT products.

Alexa, Florida

Walking into the soft launch on November 1st felt like walking into a literal sacred space. The music, the aesthetics and most importantly the energy wrapped itself around me as soon as I came in. Although, environment is important, the community that was created and the self reflection that took place while participating in the event gave me the energy and perspective to continue on my personal spiritual path. Vanity’s Truth is turning out to be a spiritual home base for me and I couldn’t be any more grateful!