Embodying the Divine Feminine


An offering for women who recognize that they are not walking in their Femininity and want to undo this programming.

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Far too many women today are suffering from an identity crisis. We have been programmed against our own Femininity. Instead of embracing all the power, beauty, and majesty that comes with the Feminine essence - we have been conditioned to operate from a mode that is inherently masculine; a mode that keeps us on the defense represses our creative wonderment, inhibits our ability to be receptive, and suppresses our inherent power to attract what it is we truly want - with ease.


Embodying the Divine Feminine is essentially a series of soul coaching sessions where I teach you who and what the Divine Feminine is, help you identify the ways in which you reject your feminine nature and the blockages created in your life as a result, and then I give you the tools you need to move past that conditioning. 


These Sessions are for You if:


You feel out of touch with your Feminine essence, or want to enhance your Feminine power


You are marriage-minded or desire a Divine Partnership 


You’ve had trouble attracting or maintaining romantic relationships with Alpha Men


You’ve ever had the feeling that your “dominant” personality or energy pushes the men or people you like away


You’ve never had a guide on the ways of the Divine Feminine


$55 per 1 hr session

*You may also contact us for information on weekly, monthly, or other recurring packages.


Peace and Love,

Kandice of Vanity.

To book any of our services, please send an email to info@vanitystruth.com, or send a text to 631-525-9287. Be sure to include your full name, email address, phone number, and the name of the requested service. You will receive a response within 48 hours.