Mirror Meditation & Manifestation


A signature practice created to help you tap into your Divine Feminine energy and harness your sensual power.

Mirror Meditation and Manifestation is one of my favorite offerings. This is a practice I’ve used for years. It’s a gift given to me by my saint that has helped me unlock my “inner energies,”  tap into my Divine Feminine power, unleash and harness my sensuality, unlock my sacral, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, and connect with my guides. 


I highly recommend this for women struggling with their body image, who feel disconnected from their bodies or their feminine essence, who are trying to pinpoint their identity, or who have any issues surrounding sex and sensuality. 


I also highly recommend this for women who want to go deeper in their connection to self,  wield their Divine Feminine essence, identify their guides, or tap into their sensual power on a deeper level.


Please note: this session requires complete openness and vulnerability. No two sessions are the same. 

A full-length mirror is required for virtual sessions. An energy-charged mirror is provided for in-person sessions. Upon booking, I will contact you with pre-session instructions.


$55 Virtual 45min session

$155 In-person session (up to 1hr and 30min) - which includes the use of an energy-charged mirror, a sacred cleansing, and a personalized ritual conducted by me.


Peace and Love,

Kandice of Vanity.

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