Our Founding Sisters


We come from a direct bloodline of powerful, spiritual women - many of whose knowledge, essence, and gifts help to support us in our work today.


The concept that the power to heal ourselves is a Divine Birthright ever-present and available to anyone who desires to access it - is one that we have always known.


Spirituality, Service, Justice, and Freedom of Expression have been pervasive themes in our lives, both individually and collectively. 


Nonetheless, we spent our lives separately pursuing similar paths in academia, ultimately leading to law school - with Kandice obtaining her Juris Doctorate in December 2018, and Krystal set to obtain hers in May 2021.


While each of us has our own rather unique spiritual coming of age story that we will soon share, it was during our time in law school that we experienced the height of our awakening - and at completely separate time periods.


The call to fully walk in our purpose and serve our generation in a way that utilizes all of our gifts, as well as the knowledge and healing we’ve gained on our path - is one we could no longer ignore. 


Vanity’s Truth is more than just our brand; Vanity’s Truth is us. It’s who we are today, who we’ve always been at our core, and who we were unconsciously evolving into for years.


As you journey with us we hope you see reflections of yourself in our offerings as well.

In love & light, 

Kandice & Krystal of Vanity.